Fallowbrook Western Riding Club 2018 Schedule

Fallowbrook WRC


For details of Fallowbrook WRC event locations and club information generally go to Fallowbrook WRC website.  

Sunday 14th January                          Club Day

Saturday 20th January                       Foundation Series

Saturday 10th February                      Foundation Series

Sunday 24th February                        Alison Johnson Clinic

Sunday 25th February                        Club Day with Alison Johnson

Saturday 10th March                          Foundation Series

Sunday 18th March                            Club Day

Sunday 8th April                                Club Day

Sunday 29th April                              Fallowbrook Show

Sunday 13th May                                Club Day

Sunday 10th June                                Club Day

Sunday 24th June                               Fallowbrook Show

Sunday 8th July                                  Club Day

Sunday 29th July                                Fallowbrook Show

2nd – 6th August                                Summer Camp

Sunday 9th September                       Club Day

Sunday 23rd September                     Fallowbrook Show

Sunday 14th October                          Club Day

Sunday 18th November                      Club Day